AXIS EMC, « weighing » on each disc

Results of a 25 % obstruction of the right outlet of a spreader with weighing system by weighing cells (case of 2nd supply of 33.5% calcium ammonium nitrate to a soft wheat cultivation)

£260* Did you know?
Machine blockages can cost you more than £260!

Conventional weighing systems per load cells handle flow faults by acting on the simultaneous opening of the two outlets.

Looking from the end of the plot, the application rate will appear accurate, however looking more closely it will not be as accurate as first thought.

This can cause a loss in yield due to the decreased output or wasted fertiliser that has not be utilised by the plants.

We offer the unique solution on the market with the EMC regulation: « weighing » on each disc!

*estimation calculated with a 4,200 hopper capacity for the second 33.5% calcium ammonium nitrate supply to a soft wheat cultivation.

The KUHN solution EMC, « weighing » on each disc