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4-metre combination machine added to KUHN’s range of trailed ESPRO min-till drills

The ESPRO 4000 RC joins KUHN’s existing line-up of trailed min-till drills which includes the 3-metre rigid ESPRO 3000, the 4-metre and 6-metre foldable ESPRO 4000 R and ESPRO 6000 R, and the foldable combination ESPRO 6000 RC.

Originally launched in 2015, the ESPRO range has become a firm favourite with medium to large-scale arable farmers and contractors thanks to the low power requirement and high output capacity of the various models: the CROSSFLEX coulter bar, which is the key to the ESPRO range’s high working speeds, ensures seed is accurately placed at up to 17kph: each coulter is mounted on polyurethane blocks which allow the individual coulters to closely follow terrain contours. Ground pressure and seeding depth adjustment are controlled hydraulically. This ensures a consistent seeding depth across the machine’s full working width and enables accurate seeding to be carried out at high forward speeds.

In common with other machines in the range, the ESPRO 6000 RC uses two rows of cultivating discs followed by a single row of large diameter (900mm) press wheels which are offset and fitted with specially designed deep tread tyres to create an ideal seed bed.

An additional row of single disc coulters behind the working discs delivers fertiliser or a second seed variety directly in front of the press wheels and equidistant from each of the two main rows of seed: placing fertiliser to this level of precision ensures the seed receives the necessary nutrients during the early stages of growth whilst also minimising the risk of the young plants being scorched by coming into direct contact with the fertiliser.

The ESPRO 4000 RC is fitted with a 4,000 litre, twin-compartment hopper which is divided on a 2400:1600 litre (fertiliser:seed) basis. Two separate metering and distribution systems provide several potential modes of operation including the ability to sow: one seed variety from both compartments; seed and fertiliser from the separate compartments; two main crop varieties; or a mixture of two seed varieties with each sown to a different depth.

An optional set of front press wheels with in-cab pressure adjustment can also be added to provide a level soil surface ahead of the working discs and to prevent the machine from sinking into lighter or wet soils.

Retail prices for the ESPRO 4000 RC start at £97,124.

12th July 2018

ESPRO 4000 RC – full specification
Working width4.00 metres
Transport width3.00 metres
Transport length9.00 metres
Weight (with covering harrow)6,000 kg (approx.)
3-point hitch categoryOn Cat 3 lower link arms
Tractor power requirement160-230 hp
Hopper capacity4,000 litres (2,400 litres + 1,600 litres)
Loading height280 cm (approx.)
Hopper opening88 x 324 cm (approx.)
Application rate1 - 430 kg/ha
Number of opener discs32 over 2 rows
Opener disc diameter and width460 x 5 mm
Press wheels behind discs13 at 900 x 215 mm
Spacing between press wheels200 mm
Fertilisation rows13 at 30 cm centres
Seed placement rows26 over 2 rows
Seed row spacing15.48 cm
Seeding unitCROSSFLEX: single arm unit with hydraulic ground pressure and depth adjustment. Offset double-discs with hard-coated scrapers.
Press and depth control wheels330 x 75 mm

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